Fall 2016: Advancing Teaching and Learning

Howdy from the Dean

What a year we’ve had at the College of Education and Human Development! Our enrollment has once again reached a new height with over 7,000 students. We also broke ground on a new human clinical research facility – the first of its kind at Texas A&M.

We hired a multitude of new faculty including leading experts in mathematics, science education, sport management, adult education, school psychology, teacher preparation, higher education, special education, and health education. We also said goodbye to some very dear colleagues who have had a lasting impact on our students and programs as well as within their fields.

This year, we continue our legacy of preparing leaders in education and health. We are acutely aware of the challenges facing educators and administrators in our state. Last year, the Texas Education Agency once again released seven teacher shortage areas for Texas including Bilingual Education/English as a Second Language, Mathematics, Science, and Special Education. It’s a trend we are seeing across the nation as fewer and fewer students are entering the teaching profession.

At Texas A&M, we are doing our part to address these shortage areas and keep children across the state and nation interested and active in these high-need fields. But the College of Education and Human Development does more than prepare teachers, we prepare leaders in many fields.

We are committed to having each of our graduates enter the workforce having experienced transformational learning opportunities. Whether that’s a prestigious internship at a Fortune 500 company, a year-long clinical teaching placement in urban Houston, or a life-changing global experience, we are supporting our students as they lead and transform lives.

In this issue of Transforming Lives, you’ll meet our new faculty, be inspired by stories of our amazing students, and meet donors that are partnering with us to ensure that the College of Education and Human Development can continue our life-changing work well into the future.

Meet an expert who is training educators across our university and the world to have a lasting impact on how students learn online. Discover how one faculty partnership is opening our students’ minds to new ideas,challenges, and opportunities for collaborations across disciplines.

One of the most inspiring aspects of writing an annual report is to reflect on all we have accomplished in a year. We have been busy! It has been a phenomenal privilege for me to serve the college as Dean. I look forward to where we head next...

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