Leading The Way

The Future of Math Education

Numerous calls for action have recently placed the improvement of our students’ mathematics learning as a national priority for the past decades, but previous efforts have led to some inconsistent results. 

Many elementary school teachers are not prepared, nor confident, in mathematics concepts and ideas. This limits the high-quality instruction available in K-12 classrooms across the state and nation. 

Dr. Roger Howe, a longtime advocate for better mathematics education for teachers, has dedicated his career to serving on the front lines of mathematics education. He will join the Department of Teaching, Learning & Culture as a tenure-track faculty member in Fall 2016 after serving as a visiting professor and a Texas A&M University Institute for Advanced Study fellow since 2013.

As an educator, Howe has championed national initiatives to advance mathematics education by engaging mathematicians and contributing to issues in mathematics curriculum and teacher education.  


Dr. Howe is presented with the 2015 Award of Excellence in Mathematics Education at the Mathematics Matters in Education conference.

Already producing the most math teachers than any other public higher education institution in the state of Texas, the university and college plan to use Howe’s research and expertise to develop a standards-based course sequence for the preparation of prospective elementary math teachers.

The sequence will integrate mathematical ideas and teaching sequences to give new educators a greater sense of mathematical concepts and knowledge, an understanding of the key ideas children need to understand and the tools needed to communicate them.

Utilizing outstanding, existing faculty in the college as well as cooperating with the Department of Mathematics, this new project stands to not only improve mathematical preparation across schools in Texas but also make a significant impact at the national level.