Spring 2013: Health and Wellness Research

Dean Doug PalmerHealth and wellness research is an important part of our mission in the College of Education and Human Development. Research conducted in the Departments of Health and Kinesiology and Educational Psychology has implications for everyone. In this issue, you’ll read about our faculty who are engaged in emerging research that addresses serious health concerns including diabetes, aging-related disorders, bone loss, muscle wasting and cardio vascular problems. We are also helping families and individuals with disabilities obtain much needed health-related services.

We’re excited to tell you about the science of exercise, diet and nutrition. Together we’ll discover the role motor skills development plays in children and the importance of motor skill abilities as we age. Our FitLIFE program also provides health assessments for firstresponders.

You’ll read about our search for the genetic link between exercise training and fitness levels and importance of cardiovascular health. Researchers in exercise physiology seek to identify therapeutic agents that may help individuals who suffer from diseases related to lower fitness levels, including diabetes, heart disease or cancer.

Our Center of Disability and Development has several exciting programs that support families of people with disabilities. With technology as an ally, our college has been able to revolutionize the distribution of life-saving information. Finally, we’ll preview our new Physical Education Activity Program building, which will be open for classes next fall. Our research in health, exercise and fitness directly impacts the design and nature of our activity classes.

We are truly excited to bring you these stories. Our goal is to provide world-class care through translational research and service to the community, state and nation. On behalf of the faculty, staff and students of the College of Education and Human Development, thank you for your interest in joining us as we transform lives.

All the best,

Doug Palmer