Working on Wellness

An employee takes a break to grab some water and fruit.

With recurring demands and the stresses that follow them, physical health and wellness of employees can often fall by the wayside.

Dr. Rhonda Rahn, clinical assistant professor of health education, views workplace physical health accountability as an essential part of maintaining a well-balanced work environment.

“Workplace health exists as a combination of education, organizational and environmental activities,” said Dr. Rahn. “All of these factors come into play when improving the physical health of employees and their families.”


According to Dr. Rahn, it is important for employees to keep up with the needs of their own bodies by not overlooking the importance of rest.

“People often are so busy in their lives. They just do not prioritize their health like they should. It becomes a major struggle,” she said.

She suggests employees get enough sleep to make sure their bodies are well rested for the workday. If an individual finds themselves struggling with a lack of energy throughout the day, having healthy snacks on hand can help carry them over the midday slump.


Finding the time to be more active during work can be a challenge, but even a small set of adjustments can go a long way.

“Scheduling physical activity in your workday is a great step people can make to improving their health throughout the day,” she said.

Using additional time to remain active is a key way to starting newer, healthier habits. This includes taking the stairs instead of the elevator, finding time to walk during lunch breaks or taking walks around the office a few times an hour.


Supervisors and employers have the opportunity to support employees by promoting workplace health. Dr. Rahn said that programs aimed at improving health are a strong way to improve morale and health. Incentivizing the programs also adds an element of accountability and fun.