Bavaria Trip

Students in Bavaria

Written by: CEHD Communications Staff
Post date: April 17, 2014

Over fifty Aggies (including 21 undergraduate EAHR students) traveled to Bavaria for a trip of a lifetime during Spring Break.  Students along with their professor, Judy Sandlin, were on a study abroad trip to Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland.  Highlights of the trip included a first nights stay historical Rothenberg, Germany, tours of to the Nymphenburg Palace (Munich), the Dachau Concentration Camp,  and Neuschwanstein Castle (Austria), and a quick stop in the tiny country of Liechtenstein.  The Aggie War Hymn was proudly sung on the top of Mt. Pilatus in Switzerland.  “I’ve never traveled outside the U.S. until now and this trip was such an amazing experience, because I learned so much I definitely plan to travel more in the future”  student Ashley Escobedo stated after the trip.  The group whole-heartedly embraces the quote offered by our guide, Sara Kort, "Your mind is like a parachute . . . it only works when it is open."  The picture is of our group touring the Heidelberg Castle in Germany.