Bilingual Education Student De la Garza Selected as A&M Undergraduate Research Ambassador

Written by: CEHD Communications Staff
Post date: April 30, 2014

From 2013-14, Bilingual Education undergraduate student Anna De la Garza was an invaluable participant in a Teaching, Learning and Culture department group research project.

The project, led by TLAC graduate student Tracey Hodges in collaboration with faculty members Erin McTigue and April Douglass and graduate students Nancy Weber and Katherine Wright, investigated the impact of TLAC W-courses on students’ self-efficacy for writing. Anna worked in many aspects of the research process, including survey creation, pilot testing and conducting classroom observations.

“I think this is particularly noteworthy because the project was a whole team approach that worked so positively,” said Erin McTigue, associate professor of literacy. “We had untenured faculty, grad students and undergrads from two departments, including TLAC and EPSY.”

In April, the Office of Honors and Undergraduate Research at Texas A&M selected De la Garza to serve as a 2014-15 Undergraduate Research Ambassador. In this role, she will share her experiences of research collaboration with incoming freshman and their families in an effort to increase student involvement in research.

De la Garza will represent CEHD in this university wide program. “Prior to this experience, I had never considered research as a career path,” noted De la Garza. “I believe that doing research can make teachers better educators who are able to see what strategies are best for children.”

Media contacts: Kathy Koza, Director of Communications & PR, or Dr. Erin McTigue, Associate professor of Literacy, TLAC,