CEHD Welcomes New Faculty Members

Written by: Justin Ikpo (cehdcomm@tamu.edu)
Post date: August 31, 2016

The College of Education and Human Development welcomes a number of additions to the college this year. Additions include two new department heads, tenure, and tenure track faculty members.

Leading into the new school year, each new faculty member brings a level of expertise, research experience, and diversity to the college.

Department Heads

Dr. Michael de Miranda
Department Head – Teaching, Learning, and Culture

Dr. de Miranda spent 18 years as a professor in the Department of Electrical Computer Engineering and the School of Education at Colorado State University before coming to Texas A&M as the newest department head for Teaching, Learning, and Culture. His research and expertise focuses on the development of young STEM educators, specifically in learning, cognition and instruction in engineering and technology education.

Dr. Shanna Hagan-Burke
Department Head – Educational Psychology

Dr. Hagan-Burke, who’s served the Department of Educational Psychology and the college for 11 years, is the new department head for Educational Psychology. Moving forward, Dr. Hagan-Burke plans to work closely with faculty and staff to continue refining a shared vision and ensuring that departmental resource allocations enable programs to achieve their respective goals.

Teaching, Learning, and Culture (TLAC)

Dr. Cheryl Craig - Professor

Dr. Roger Howe - Professor

Dr. Sara Raven - Assistant Professor

Ms. Tiffany Peltier - Assistant Lecturer

Ms. Jeanne Carter - Assistant Lecturer

Educational Administration and Human Resource Development (EAHR)

Dr. Chayla Davison - Assistant Professor

Dr. Elizabeth Roumell - Assistant Professor

Dr. Krista Bailey - Clinical Associate Professor

Health and Kinesiology (HLKN)

Dr. Marlene Dixon - Professor

Dr. Tamika Gilreath - Associate Professor

Dr. Whitney Garney - Assistant Professor

Dr. Lisa Tisdale Wigfall - Assistant Professor

Ms. Andrea Alvarez - Instructional Assistant Professor

Mr. Stuart Dixon - Instructional Assistant Professor

Dr. Kristen Willingham - Instructional Assistant Professor

Mr. Joda Wolfe - Instructional Assistant Professor

Educational Psychology (EPSY)

Dr. Sara Castro-Olivo - Associate Professor

Dr. Julie Thompson - Assistant Professor

Dr. Melissa Fogarty - Clinical Assistant Professor