College to host workshop on Mathematics Education

Young girl completes a worksheet of math problems in class.

Written by: Taylor Aycock (
Post date: March 03, 2017

The College of Education and Human Development is hosting a “Mathematics in Education” workshop April 1-3, 2017. Registration is open until March 3.

The workshop will focus on mathematical preparation for elementary teachers and will bring together mathematicians, mathematic educators, other scholars and practitioners to share and further research practices involving this topic area.

“Our motivation for selecting the topic for this workshop is that improving mathematics instruction in early grades should be one of the strongest available leverage points for improving US education in general, especially STEM education,” explained Dr. Roger Howe, professor and Curtis D. Robert Endowed Chair in mathematics education.

The workshop will discuss three key themes:

  1. The mathematical proficiency that pre-service teachers need in order to start teaching mathematics effectively
  2. The core ideas and practices in the mathematical preparation of elementary teachers
  3. Partnerships between mathematics departments and colleges of education (and other agencies) that are needed for effective mathematics education of pre-service teachers

Speakers include Hyman Bass, professor of mathematics at the University of Michigan, and Eva Thanheiser, associate professor of mathematics education at Portland State University, as well as many more distinguished guests.

Registration is free. Materials, reception, breakfast and lunch will be provided.

To register for the event, please email Alexandra Foran ( or Ke Wang (

For more information on the upcoming workshop, please visit: