Distinguished Lecture Series: Impact of Health, Kinesiology and Sport Management on Society

Written by: Ashley Green (cehdcomm@tamu.edu)
Post date: February 04, 2016

Leaders in the fields of health, kinesiology and sport management will present their research at the seventh annual Distinguished Lecture Series.  This year’s event, titled “Impact of Health, Kinesiology and Sport Management on Society” is scheduled for March 2-4 at Rudder Theater.

Since 2010, the DLS has featured eminent individuals to enrich and interact with our students, faculty and current students.  This year is no different, with 12 internationally recognized scholars and practitioners scheduled to speak including David Heath, senior vice president of sales at Under Armour; Julian Mellini, strategic analyst with NFL-United Kingdom; Harry Edwards, professor emeritus at the University of California at Berkeley and James Rohack, former president of the American Medical Association and current professor at Texas A&M University’s Health Science Center.

“We can’t take all of our students to national conferences but we can bring a national conference-level event to Texas A&M so our undergraduate and graduate students can learn about our field and inspire them to make an impact through health, kinesiology, sport management and physical activity,” said Dr. Richard Kreider, professor and head of the Department of Health and Kinesiology.

The lectures are free of charge to faculty, staff and students.  Visitors are invited to attend the DLS or watch the presentations online.  Dr. Kreider expects more than 4,000 to attend the lectures and hundreds more to follow live online.  You can find a full list of speakers here: hlkndls.tamu.edu

The Texas Chapter of the American College of Sports Medicine will be hosting its annual meeting concurrently with the DLS.  You must be a member of TACSM to attend and registration will cover both the DLS and the TACSM meeting.  You can register here: http://www.tacsm.org/2016annualmeeting.html.