Dr. Kausalai Wijekumar Appointed Director of the Center for Urban School Partnerships

Written by: CEHD Communications Staff
Post date: July 13, 2015

Dr. Kausalai Wijekumar has recently been selected to serve as the new Director for the Center for Urban School Partnerships (CUSP) at Texas A&M University.

Dr. Yeping Li, head of the department of Teaching, Learning, and Culture, said, “The department and college is fortunate to have Dr. Wijekumar. Her records prove to others not only about her expertise and success as a scholar, but also her leadership and capacity in research program development that has consistently gained support for various projects from federal funding agencies.”

Dr. Wijekumar holds degrees in Electronics Engineering, Computer Science, and Instructional Technology. Her interests include the application of intelligent tutoring systems to improve reading comprehension in monolingual and bilingual learners and writers. This has propelled her current research with a grant from the Department of Education to work with high poverty schools in extending the content area reading comprehension project. 

She is also a passionate advocate for children and making sure that every child gets a strong, consistent, powerful, and research based education that leads to their success in academic, career, social, personal, and civic endeavors. She is a dedicated scholar who is ardent about improving students’ learning (in literacy) through the integration of technology in K-12 schools.

“CUSP will provide a great platform that allows Dr. Wijekumar to place her research and leadership into greater use,” remarked Li, “and in return, CUSP can also benefit from her scholarship and leadership to be elevated to the next level.”

Dr. Wijekumar will officially begin her service as CUSP Direction on (date) upon the retirement of the current director, Dr. Carter.