Education Faculty Publish Article on Diversity in HRD

Written by: CEHD Communications Staff
Post date: September 02, 2010

Two faculty members from the Department of Educational Administration and Human Resource Development recently published an article in the Journal of Advances in Developing Human Resources. Authored by Mary Alfred and Dominique Chlup, the article is titled "Making the Invisible, Visible: Race Matters in Human Resource Development."

In the article, the authors call for human resource development educators to make race more visible in discussions and writings about diversity. "One of the things we found in our study is that when diversity is mentioned, the mental image most pronounced is the contested terrain of race, yet it is the dimension least discussed in the HRD literature, in the classroom or as topics of research," says Alfred, associate dean for faculty affairs in the College of Education and Human Development and associate professor of adult education.

In their study, Chlup and Alfred reviewed papers presented over the last five years at a major international HRD conference to determine the level of engagement in research on diversity and specifically on race. "Of the 1,030 papers presented over the five-year period, 51 addressed some issues of diversity, and only nine papers specifically dealt with race alone or a racial group," says Chlup, assistant professor of adult education.