Faculty Honored at Texas Dance Convention

The faculty of the TAMU Dance Program attended the Texas Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance Convention in Galveston, TX
Written by: CEHD Communications Staff
Post date: December 08, 2014

While there, Michelle Strong and Diane Cahill Bedford served as adjudicators for the gala concert, Michelle Strong and Carisa Armstrong taught a partnering class, and Carisa Armstrong and Christine Bergeron presented a research poster on the use of rotator discs to increase rotator muscle utilization in ballet technique. All five professors were elected into positions in the dance division. Christine Bergeron is now the Dance Pedagogy Chair, Carisa Armstrong is the Dance Wellness Chair, Diane Cahill Bedford is the Dance Performance Elect, Alexandra Pooley is the Dance Wellness Elect, and Michelle Strong is the Social and Cultural Dance Forms Elect. The faculty was able to mingle with peers and mentors in the dance and physical education community to share ideas for innovations and new discoveries in research. 

Additionally Director of Dance Christine Bergeron was presented with the prestigious Honor Award. This award is presented to a member of TAHPERD who has shows significant contributions to the physical education and dance community through excellence in teaching, outstanding administrative achievement, significant contribution to researcher creative endeavors, leadership in professional organizations, contribution to professional literature, and outstanding community service. We are very proud of Christine's hard work to be honored by receiving this award. Here is Christine's response to receiving the award:

"I was so humbled last night to receive TAHPERD's Honor Award. It is still hard to believe that I was receiving an award along with many of my mentors and legends in the field. When they were describing who I was and what I have done to receive this award, I thought ..'It weird to be receiving an award for doing what you love. I don't do it to receive awards. I do it because I'm passionate about it, dedicated to it and because I absolutely love it.' And then I thought, 'Are these people talking about me? What I have I done - I'm too young to receive such a prestigious award.' A very humbling experience. Thank you all who continue to believe in me and I'M NOT DONE YET! I've got plans I haven't even dreamed of yet."

Four students also traveled to TAHPERD to perform one of Michelle Strong's pieces, Summertime Samba. Noemi Amaro, Lauren Dowdy, Kurstin Hill, and Samantha Scioneaux performed beautifully in the gala concert and received great feedback from the adjudicators. In the opening night concert and two dot performances on Thursday, Samantah Scioneaux danced a wonderful ballet solo, Secret Game, choreographed by Diane Cahill Beford. Samantha Scioneaux also presented her beautiful solo set on dancer Brooke Griffin, I Am Not Captured, digitally at the informal Liz Lermon Feedback session.

Media contact: Kathy Quigley, Student Worker, kathyquiggles@tamu.edu