Kent State Named 2012 EM Cup Champions

Written by: CEHD Communications Staff
Post date: July 07, 2012

Kent State has been crowned the 2012 national champion of the Excellence in Management Cup, presented by Texas A&M's Laboratory for the Study of Intercollegiate Athletics.

The purpose of the EM Cup is to determine which athletic departments are maximizing fiscal resources leading to championship victories. The unique scoring system awards more points to athletic departments that win conference and national championships while efficiently allocating money to win these championships.

Less money spent + more championships = higher EM Cup score

Kent State was also crowned the EM Cup champion in 2010. Western Kentucky University, The University of Alabama, University of Tulsa, and San Jose State University round out the top five schools. Three years ago, the top ten departments were all from mid-major conferences. This year, Alabama (SEC) and University of California-Berkeley (Pac 12) were ranked third and eighth respectively.

The EM Cup also recognized winners in other conferences participating in Division I (FBS) sports. University of Notre Dame was named winner of the Big East, Illinois of the Big Ten, Alabama (SEC), and Baylor was named the winner of the Big 12.

Other conference winners were University of Maryland (ACC), Tulsa (Conference USA), TCU (Mountain West), Cal (Pac 12), Western Kentucky (Sun Belt), and San Jose State (WAC).

The scores are calculated in a formula that accounts for total athletic department spending, number of sports played, and the number of conference and national championships won by each Division I (FBS) university. More value is placed upon the national championships than conference championships in the formula.

For a complete list of results and additional information of the Excellence in Management Cup results, please visit the Laboratory for the Study of Intercollegiate Athletics' website.