New faculty announcements

Written by: Justin Ikpo (
Post date: September 02, 2015

The College of Education and Human Development is pleased to welcome its new tenure and tenure-track faculty members for the fall semester. Each faculty member introduces an added level experience, service, quality and research to the college.

Health and Kinesiology (HLKN)

Dr. Natasha Brison

Dr. Natasha T. Brison is an Assistant Professor in the Sport Management Division of the College of Education and Human Development. Dr. Brison earned an M.S. in Sport Administration from Georgia State University; she also holds a Juris Doctor and Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Georgia. Dr. Brison’s research and scholarship interests are in the fields of sport marketing and the legal aspects of sport marketing, with an emphasis on brand management.

Dr. Deanna Kennedy

Dr. Deanna Kennedy is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Health and Kinesiology. She received her PhD in Kinesiology (Motor Neuroscience) from Texas A&M University. Her research addresses theoretical questions related to motor synergies and bimanual coordination as well as more applied questions that have important implications for stroke rehabilitation and aging. 

Dr. Ledric Sherman

Dr. Ledric Sherman is an Assistant Professor of Health Education. He received his PhD from Texas A&M University in August of 2013. Dr. Sherman's research interests are focused on Type 2 diabetes self-management, Men's health, Quality and quantity of life among type 2 diabetics, and health education and wellness promotion. Dr. Sherman enjoys teaching and mentoring students to help prepare them for the next chapter in their in lives, both professionally and personally.

Educational Administration & Human Resource Development (EAHR)

Dr. Daniel Bowen

Dr. Bowen is an Assistant Professor for the EAHR Department. He earned his Ph.D. in education policy from the University of Arkansas in 2013. His research primarily examines the role and influence of "non-core" subjects and school-sponsored extracurricular activities on student achievement. He was recently identified by the Fordham and American Enterprise Institutes as one of the nation's Emerging Education Policy Scholars, and his research has been featured in The New York Times, NBC Nightly News, CNN, The Wall Street Journal, The Atlantic, Education Week, and others.

Teaching Learning and Culture (TLAC)

Dr. Noboru Matsuda

Dr. Matsuda is an Associate Professor for the TLAC Department. He does research on the innovation of advanced learning technology and its applications to advance cognitive theories of learning and teaching. He is interested in the application of Artificial Intelligence technologies for students to learn, teachers to teach, and researchers to understand how people learn (and, more importantly, fail to learn!).