Senior Emily Albus Sets Sights on Teaching Career

Written by: CEHD Communications Staff
Post date: March 03, 2014

Emily Albus, Texas A&M University senior in the department of Teaching, Learning and Culture is also center fielder for the university’s softball team. In 2013, she was awarded the Hammer Strength All-American Athlete Award, voted 2014 team captain by her peers, holds four of the softball program’s six records in the weight room and is ranked among the top 10 Texas A&M players for career stolen bases. Her coaches believe she is an inspiring leader and her actions demonstrate the Texas A&M University’s core values.

Albus shines on and off the softball field. TLAC associate professor Erin McTigue commented, “I enjoyed having Emily in class very much. She is a very dedicated and focused student who works to translate what she is learning into the real world, real classroom environment. Her future students will be lucky to have her as a teacher.”

Clinical professor Dianne Goldsby added, “Emily was an active, interested participant in all the class activities in MASC 450. She had a great attitude – always had a positive outlook. She was focused on her work and interacted well with others and is the kind of student I want in class and with whom I enjoy working. She did her work effectively and efficiently. Oh, for more like Emily!”

While the 2014 softball season may be Albus’ last with the team, she is just beginning her future as a teacher and her talents and drive will not be stopping on the softball field. Originally a Landscape Architecture major, Emily changed her major to Interdisciplinary Studies in TLAC.

Not exactly sure what she wanted to do, she knew she enjoyed working with children. She took an RPTS class with an emphasis on summer camps to help with her decision making. While summer camps were not at the top of her list, she knew she wanted one day to coach softball. Reflecting on the type of career she wanted led her to the teaching profession and into TLAC’s undergraduate program.

TLAC offers a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus on PreK-6 Generalist, 4-8 Math/Science, or 4-8 Language Arts/Social Studies. The program is field-based with students spending many hours in middle school classrooms.

Albus’ major in interdisciplinary studies focuses on 4-8th grade math and science. She will complete the Junior Methods class--a two-block pair of courses, with one focusing on curriculum and instruction and the other focusing on classroom management before completing her final semester on campus and the Senior Methods coursework. Junior Methods students see theory put into practice as they work with and observe in their mentor teacher’s classroom to become prepared to take on more teaching responsibilities in Senior Methods.

Before entering into her student teaching semester, Albus will have logged more than 250 hours of actual classroom experience, observing and working in the field with mentor teachers.

When Albus was asked about her field experience or student teaching possibly conflicting with her last season of softball, she was not too concerned. She had eight games near the end of her fall semester and knew her coach was flexible and would work with her schedule. As for how she plans to maintain her schedule, grades and finish out her softball season, Albus believes in having the drive and dedication for both. It’s that drive and dedication that keeps her going in the classroom and on the field.

Albus says she is a big competitor and believes having the competitive edge to make students better will give her an edge in the classroom. “Sports are character-building and teach patience, and I know you need a lot of that in the classroom with children,” said Albus, “With all the ups and downs in softball, this teaches you how to work things through as well as how to lead and work with others.” As for actually teaching in the classroom, she is excited and a bit nervous because she has seen what all her friends have been doing in their classrooms.

Albus believes in keeping all her options open for possible teaching and sports possibilities as she works through her final semesters on campus.

Writers: Samantha Shields, TLAC Assistant Lecturer and Tammisha Farmer, TLAC Digital Media Coordinator. Visit the TLAC website to learn about degree programs