Spring Branch ISD Students Learn About Careers In Coaching

Written by: CEHD Communications Staff
Post date: November 25, 2013

On Monday, students from Spring Branch ISD’s Future Coaches Academy made the trip to College Station to learn more about the university and the opportunities available if they want to become a coach one day. 

This visit was developed by Mike Thornton of the department, with help from Susan Wagner, John Thornton, Martha Muckleroy and others affiliated with HLKN. The visit included the Student Rec Center, the Corps of Cadets Center and the Bright Building.

From Samuel Karns, a health fitness instructor from Spring Branch ISD:

Yesterday was an AMAZING day for our students in the Future Coaches Academy here in SBISD!! As many of you know they went to Texas A&M for the opportunity of a lifetime, and were greeted by so many wonderful professors of coaching, directors, and staff. They broke the ice with one of Texas A&M’s finest, Dr. Martha Muckleroy, and came out of their shells.

From there they got to sit in with Dr. Susan Wagner discuss creating an objective for coaching and the necessary tools they would need to guide them for this process. From here they got to hear Dr. John Singer discuss more of coaching beyond just working with students, but heard about the diversities within coaching.

We then headed to Kyle Field, or what is left of the field due to construction, and they got a chance to meet college athletes who want to get into coaching, which was a new perspective for many, and exactly what our students are hoping to do in the near future. Here they got the opportunity to hear Dr. John Thornton discuss developing their own personal coaching philosophy, which was eye opening for all.

To see a video put together by the students, highlighting their trip, click here.