Technology Management Program Implements Learning Lab to Cultivate Hands-on Learning

A wide screen shot of technology management lab.

Written by: CEHD Communications Staff
Post date: September 25, 2014

The Technology Management Bachelor of Science Program at Texas A&M, which develops future information technology professionals for an ever-changing work environment, has recently undergone adjustments in creating a learning lab that will allow faculty to deliver instruction like never before.

According to Dr. Trez Jones, clinical assistant professor within Educational Administration and Human Development (EAHR), students involved in the Technology Management Program will gain a unique combination of hands-on instruction as well as some “softer” communication skills that are necessary in being successful in the future workforce.

The Technology Management Program at Texas A&M differs from other computer programs by stepping away from theory, and instead making real life connections through application.  The program is also unique in that it fuses a human resource development skillset and a business minor with practicum-based technology courses. Consequently, students will have the proper tools to be effective contributors to the work place.

“This lab is a fulfillment of our strategic plan. As a department and college we developed an enrollment management plan because we needed to find a way to get those at Blinn [College] over here on campus,” said Dr. Fredrick Nafukho, professor and department head in EAHR. “By having the students on campus, we can plan our curriculum very well. This lab will increase teaching and learning, and a better environment will be created overall.”

The new learning lab is equipped with 80 new computers, 32 routers and 32 switches. This new learning environment provides students with exposure to database administration, server administration, service desk support, network engineering, information technology project management and security engineering.


Media Contacts: Samantha Edwards, Communications Office Intern, or Dr. Trez Jones, Clinical Assistant Professor, Educational Administration and Human Resource Development,