TLAC Graduate Students to Receive Fellowship

Written by: CEHD Communications Staff
Post date: September 09, 2014

The department of Teaching, Learning and Culture (TLAC) recently awarded Graduate Fellowships to two graduate students for their outstanding work and dedication to the department.  The Texas A&M Institute for Advanced Study (TIAS) has also awarded a Heep Graduate Fellowship to two TLAC graduate students in mathematics education.

Among the recipients for the Graduate Fellowship are Vanessa Liles and Joy Killough. Liles, recipient of the Graduate Diversity Fellowship for Doctoral work, is a Curriculum and Instruction major in TLAC. The Graduate Diversity Fellowship recognizes scholars that come from different backgrounds who show promise of distinguished careers, and seeks to increase the diversity of the Graduate student population at Texas A&M. In order to receive the Graduate Diversity Fellowship, valued at $103,800, Liles will be required to maintain full-time registration for both the fall and spring semesters (9 hours) for the duration of the fellowship. Killough, recipient of the Graduate Merit Fellowship, is also a Curriculum and Instruction major in TLAC. The Graduate Merit Fellowship is designed to recognize and encourage high-quality applicants to enroll for the first time in Graduate Programs at Texas A&M, and the chosen and awarded through a University-wide competition.  Killough will be awarded $25,000 for one year toward her doctoral work.

Among those receiving the TIAS Heep Graduate Fellowship for mathematics education are doctoral students Alexandra Foran and Ke Wang. In order to be considered for the Heep Graduate Fellowship, applicants should demonstrate outstanding academic performance, research ability/potential, communication skills and leadership ability. Applicants are expected to have a strong background in mathematics and a minimum of 2 years in K-12 teaching experience. Foran and Wang will each receive $30,000 per year toward doctoral work plus tuition and benefits.

Congratulations to the recipients!