Two Fellowships Address Teacher Preparation

Written by: CEHD Communications Staff
Post date: September 22, 2014

The department of Teaching, Learning & Culture has awarded fellowships to Dr. Hersh Waxman and Dr. Patricia Larke to improve  teacher preparation within the department and college.

Waxman’s proposal, Recruiting, Preparing and Retaining Excellent Teachers (RPRET), seeks to influence teacher education policy and practice in high-need schools by conducting several research studies.

He explains, “The serious teacher quality issues experienced by students from high-need schools highlights the need to develop a solid knowledge base on effective practices for recruiting, preparing and retaining excellent teachers for high-needs chools.”

To address that need, Waxman will develop a cadre of doctoral studies who will conduct and publish research in teacher education, eventually leading to an edited book on RPRET.

During the first two years of the project, graduate seminar courses, internships and independent research opportunities will be provided to students who are interested in the topic.

Dr. Larke’s proposal, the Teacher Education Transformation and Research Institute (TERI), focuses on the 4C’s of teacher education transformation and research: 1) change the climate of teacher education, 2) create instructional leaders 3) cultivate problem solvers to adapt and transform in the midst of multiple realities and 4) communicate with children, families and communities.

As Larke writes, “Within the vision, none of the 4C’s operate in isolation, but all work together in cooperation with each other.”