University Approves Development of New Physical Activity Building for PEAP

Written by: CEHD Communications Staff
Post date: September 16, 2011

  From HLKN Department Head Dr. Richard Kreider:

The President has forwarded a request to the Chancellor to fund three new building projects in response to a permanent university fund (PUF) request from the system.  One of TAMU’s priorities includes a $67,000,000 request to build a Physical Activity Building (111,000 sf.) to house our PEAP program and an adjacent HLKN academic and research building (97,000 sf.) to house HLKN academic offices and labs.  I am elated to inform you that the Dean and I announced tonight at the PEAP fall party that the President has already approved allocation of $20,800,000 from university resources to build a new Physical Activity Building (pending system approvals).  The PUF request will indicate that the university is putting this amount of money toward the entire project and requesting PUF support for the remaining funding.  I am hopeful that identifying university resources to build the Physical Activity Building will enhance our chances to obtain PUF funding because it is more cost effective to build both buildings at the same time.  If the HLKN academic building is not funded this time, I’m hopeful the building will remain a high priority for the university for future PUF allocations.

The new Physical Activity Building will be located near the outdoor tennis facility (across from Reed Arena).  Although plans have not been finalized, the new Physical Activity Building is planned to contain 4 multi-purpose gymnasiums; 3 weight rooms; 8 activity rooms (adapted, fencing, PE teaching lab, social conditioning, aerobics, general, self-defense, yoga, and Pilates), 3 dance rooms, 4 special use classrooms, 45 offices, locker rooms, and an administrative area.  It will be developed so that three indoor tennis courts could be placed on three of the gym courts if needed so that the Department of Athletics would qualify to meet bid specifications to host NCAA outdoor national tennis championships. This building will serve as a permanent home for PEAP classes as well as increase availability of activity space for Recreational Sports, Athletics, and Student Activities in the evenings and on weekends.  I have asked Frank Thomas to meet with PEAP coordinators to get their input on design of this facility.  We will be meeting with facility planners and architects on a weekly basis until the project is completed.  The tentative completion date is May of 2013.  Until then, our PEAP program will be housed in GRW. I would like to thank Dean Palmer, Becky Carr, and James Massey who have been working tirelessly for several years to gain support for new HLKN facilities. 

I would also like to thank Provost Watson and President Loftin who have clearly noticed the outstanding work of our faculty, staff, and students and the progress we have made in our department over the last few years.  Finally, I would like to thank Dennis Corrington in Recreational Sports; Kevin Hurley and Bill Byrne in Athletics; and General Joe Weber in Student Affairs who strongly supported our efforts to obtain new physical activity space.  I would also like to thank all of our former Department Heads who have worked toward developing new facilities for HLKN as this effort is a culmination of many years of effort.  This is no doubt a win, win solution for the Department of HLKN, Recreational Sports, Student Activities, and Athletics and this decision is a clear recognition of the size and quality of our programs as well as the impact we are making on our students.  

(Note: Pictures of new building are conceptual drawings only)