Voices Of Impact Speaker Series Wraps Up

Voices of Impact Recap

Written by: Justin Ikpo (cehdcomm@tamu.edu)
Post date: February 17, 2017
Individuals across the community attended the inaugural CEHD Voices of Impact Speaker Series Thursday night at Cavalry Court in College Station. The event featured 12 faculty speakers who each spoke in five-minute sessions similar to the style of the famous TED Talks. 
With a diverse set of topics ranging from physical and mental health, autism research, and school reform, speakers captured snapshots of their research with audience members in an engaging environment. 
“We’d like to congratulate our speakers and staff members who made this event a success,” said CEHD Dean Dr. Joyce Alexander. “Though it was something new for our faculty, it was a great example of our commitment to make our work more applicable to those in our communities.”
Audience members were as diverse as the speakers and included students, school principals, development council members, and colleagues in various fields. The event concluded with a light reception paired with an informal Q&A with the speakers. 
Footage of the speakers will be available soon. Check the Transform Lives website for additional updates.